First Hill Public Safety Survey Results

In September 2014 the First Hill Improvement Association wished to engage the First Hill resident, worker, and visitor community in an assessment of their public safety perceptions. The purpose of this survey is to gauge public perceptions of neighborhood safety, identify concerning areas and behaviors in First Hill, to understand the communities relationship with law enforcement, and for use in advocating for improvements to public safety.

A ten question online survey was designed by the Clean, Safe, and Healthy Neighborhood working group and disseminated broadly throughout the community. The survey was distributed via the community newsletter,, on social media, and by our stakeholder partners on their communication networks.

The survey was completed by 160 unique respondents, who represent a variety of stakeholder types. Open ended question responses were categorized by like type for ease of analysis and understanding. Though the sample size is relatively small compared to the neighborhood population, these figures can be used to generally understand community perceptions, experiences, and ideas for creating a safe and inviting neighborhood for all.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this important community survey.

Read the survey results here.



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