The First Hill Improvement Association has served Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood as an advocate, forum for discussion, and point of contact since 1958. 
The First Hill Improvement Association exists to advance community priorities, advocate for public resources and business opportunities, and to promote a healthy neighborhood in which people are safe, welcomed, and thrive.
Seattle is experiencing unprecedented growth and change. For First Hill, this means:
  • increased residential and commercial density,
  • the need for expanded transportation options, 
  • a growing demand for innovative uses of public open space, 
  • an enhanced call for cleanliness and safety, and 
  • new opportunities for a vibrant retail business sector.

Burgeoning growth and increased density on First Hill impacts every aspect of life – transportation and parking, open space, public safety, retail services and more. FHIA exists to ensure First Hill will be a vibrant and healthy place to live, work, and play – today and tomorrow.

The First Hill Improvement Association (FHIA) is First Hill’s advocate—a voice that is vitally important now, in this time of extraordinary challenge and opportunity.

FHIA and its members

• Advocate for First Hill with public and private decision-makers
• Seek more open space for enjoyment by residents and workers
• Support real estate development that benefits our community
• Monitor and endorse transit and transportation improvements
• Improve pedestrian safety and access throughout First Hill
• Provide free educational and community-building programs and events
• Host neighborhood clean-up, beautification, and safety activities
• Promote neighborhood retail, arts, historic, and cultural enterprises
• Collaborate with social services providers on First Hill

FHIA is a non-profit organization that relies solely on community support for its programming and staffing. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue the work FHIA does for the community.

Membership is tax deductible, and annual. 

FHIA Members

Oak Tree Members – $15,000


Yellowwood Tree – $7,500

Cherry Tree – $5,000


Magnolia Tree – $2,500

Maple Tree – $1,000

  • Anonymous 
  • Bob and Mary Terrell
  • Frank Conlon 
  • Kendall and Sonia Baker
  • Mary Ellen Hudgins and Gayle Bush

Large Business (50 or more employees) – $500

Small Business (fewer than 50 employees) – $150






Large Residential Building (50 or more units) – $500

  • Kelleher House Condominiums

Small Residential Building (less than 50 units) – $150

Individual/Family – $25
Grassroots – $5


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